Baby Panda hat

It’s a busy work time for me, so haven’t sewn any clothes for ages, but I have been knitting.  So much quicker to knit a tiny thing for a tiny girl than make something for me!


This is my niece, Greta, and her hat is from the Fall/Winter 2012 Debbie Bliss magazine.

panda 001


It would be easy to convert any hat pattern to ‘panda’.  Just add two black semi circles above the eyes and two pom poms for ears.  These are 4cm across.  I have a request from my sister for a matching hat for her, so they can be pandas together!


panda 002

I found this tiny panda button in my button tin.  I  love being able to put old buttons to good use.

3 thoughts on “Baby Panda hat

  1. I SO agree with you on knitting over sewing; at least lately… it’s not that I love sewing any less but I literally have NO TIME, and with knitting I can take it with me and squish in a row here and there. The hat is adorable, and your niece is so precious – nice job! 🙂

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