My handmade wardrobe and a Seamless update

Vogue Couturier 1016Maria Denmark Edith blouseNew Look 6000

I’ve just created a page showing the clothes I have made, and which have remained in my wardrobe.  Sadly, some didn’t stay for long!

I started sewing clothes again 18 months ago and my plan is to stop buying clothes and make everything I wear.  So far this year I have bought a pair of jeans, a bikini (couldn’t make), a dress (lovely fabric), two vest tops and four t shirts (should have made but ran out of time).  Not bad, but will try to do better!

It’s been interesting to look back and see what has worked best for me.  I’ve chosen patterns from independent pattern designers, mainly, which I think shows the influence of reading sewing blogs.  I can see that I like to try new things, but also enjoy making a pattern several times.

My favourites?  The Simplicity 2152 skirt is my ideal everyday skirt (I’m wearing the navy cord version as I write this) and the Vogue silk dress.

You can see more by clicking the handmade wardrobe page link at the top of this page.

2 thoughts on “My handmade wardrobe and a Seamless update

  1. Great job on your seamless pledge! Many of my sewing ‘makes’ never really make it out of the closet, so far, but I feel I’m getting better, so that is definitely changing. I like the tab you put at the tob of your blog, so that you can add and subtract to it depending on what you wear and you have an easy resource to see what is missing, what you have far too many of, etc.

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