Tiny frog niece

I’d like to introduce my tiniest niece, Greta, who is wearing her baby shower gift!  Isn’t she beautiful?


The pattern is from Wacky Baby Knits, which is brilliant.  Fancy an Elvis wig hat, motorcycle jacket or ballerina costume, or maybe a weeny cow onesie for a baby you know?  This book has it all.

The pattern was well written too.  Although I did agree with Jo (my sister) that a zip would be more practical than 17 small buttons!  That was an easy modification to make, and the pattern otherwise was quite straightforward.  The only unusual stitch was to make the warty bobbles on the arms, and they were fun to do.  I made the newborn size  which was too big, but now fits, at 5 months.  She wears it every day for the school run.

I made a matching frog toy for her with a pattern from Knitted Toy Tales by Laura Long.  Another lovely book, packed with quirky toys.  I especially like the rag doll, with her choice of dresses.


I haven’t done much sewing for Greta yet because she is growing so fast.  I think I’ll start sewing for her in April, when she’ll be one.  Do you have any favourite sewing patterns for girls?  It’s new territory for me!

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