Edith Tofino pyjamas – a happy mixture

EdithTolfino pyjamas

I’ve had some vintage pale blue brushed cotton in my stash for a while. I had pyjamas in mind, but couldn’t decide on the top.  The colour could be a bit hospital scrubs-y in a t-shirt. Then I made my green polka dot Maria Denmark Edith blouse, and a plan formed.

Pairing a fitted blouse with wide legged Tofino trousers looks rather elegant, I think. They were lovely to wear on holiday, especially when I wanted to sit on the balcony in my pjs, without scaring anyone!

I omitted the waist darts on the top to give a looser fit, and didn’t use interfacing on the collar. I also didn’t make the tie belt for the trousers. It looked lovely tied in a bow on my last pair when I made them, but soon became a twisted mess. Was that just me?! Anyway, I like them plain, and it was a quicker make.

The only problem is the fabric creases – as you can see from the pic.  But they are so comfortable and cozy, I don’t mind!

I’ve linked this to Starcross Sewing’s A Year in Indie Patterns Challenge.  Stephanie chooses a different company each month (Maria Denmark this month) and anyone can sew along and add links.  I’ve really liked the indie patterns I’ve made so far, so hoping this will spur me on to try some different ones.

Cost: nothing!  The fabric was a gift, I’ve used the patterns before, and everything else came from my stash.

PS  Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my last post – still blushing…

8 thoughts on “Edith Tofino pyjamas – a happy mixture

  1. I like! Brilliant idea! They definitely look comfy. I just bought a cotton voile because I wanted to make a nightgown and it wrinkled when I washed it so then I started to wonder if they would be ok- but seeing yours? Well, I think I will love mine wrinkles and all! I can iron a nightgown right? ~Laurie

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