In the navy…

My first Me Made May, and I managed to wear something Me Made every day.  Didn’t get past week two with the photos though – I’m so impressed with everyone who did.

One of the most interesting things for me was realising how much navy I wear – and that I look a lot better if I mix it with something brighter.  Here is my wardrobe – the right hand third is made up of just some of my navy collection!  I don’t usually organise it by colour, so I’m amazed how much there is.

mmmfinal 001

I’ve also got two more pairs of jeans, two denim skirts, several t shirts in stripes and plain, a wool skirt… the list goes on.  And what is on my sewing table?

mmmfinal 002

Simplicity 2451 in navy polka dot jersey, and some Liberty City Poplin for a summer dress.  There is some bright blue creeping in – hurray!

So I was inspired this month to ebay some of the navy (yes, there was more) and I promise I’ll sew with some other colours from now on.

Do you have a colour you return to again and again?

6 thoughts on “In the navy…

  1. I am also looking at that pattern now and then… if I find a right fabric, I’ll go with it 😉 The great thing is that here, in Italy, there’s a magazine called “Modellina Facile” that reunites Simplicity and McCall’s patterns, so for 5€ you buy something like 10 patterns with each issue 🙂 this is how I got my pattern

  2. Well done for completing MMM. I did a similar thing with my wardrobe a couple of months ago and you learn so much! Blue is quite predominate in mine as well.

  3. Well done for getting to the end of MMM. I think navy is very smart and intend to buy more. There is a positive to being drawn to a colour – you have a co-ordinated wardrobe 🙂

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