MMM 2 – what has worked so far

Bella skirt  

I’m really enjoying Me Made May. I’m learning a lot about my clothes and sewing, and it’s encouraged me to enjoy dressing up a little every day.

But I don’t have many me made clothes, so my outfits are getting a bit repetitive and so are my photos!

Instead of daily pics I thought I’d show you some highlights of the past ten days, along with some thoughts on which are my most useful and favourite items so far.

1. Maria Denmark Day to Night top, with sleeves from her Birgitte T.  Just made and not blogged.  I love these tops.  The draped neckline gives a bit of interest, and they are very wearable and flattering.  Both versions pictured above are cotton jersey.  I made another in viscose and it was too thin and clingy on me.  I’ve still got lots to learn about choosing and sewing knits!

Serendipity Studio Bella skirt

2. Serendipity Studio Bella skirt in denim and vintage cotton.  This is a very wearable pattern, and it fastens with buttons rather than a zip.  I have loads of vintage buttons so it’s great to use them.

3. Maria Denmark Birgitte t shirt.  A great basic, I really like the wide neckline.  Will be making plenty more.

4. Burda coat.  We went from summer weather back to winter in the UK, so this has been useful!  I wore it all day when I was stewarding at a very cold craft exhibition.  It was like being wrapped in a blanket.

So far I’m pleased with the number of everyday things I’ve made.  I’ve got one more Bella skirt planned, in blue batik (I have the perfect buttons in my stash) and some Liberty print Birgitte t shirts too.

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