Me Made May – week 1, and I’m already learning stuff!

Serendipity Studio BellaSkirt Vogue 1247 Colette Jasmine    

My first time playing Me Made May!  I’m aiming to wear one handmade or refashioned item every day.

So what have I learned so far?

  • Why so much navy?!  When I look at clothes in magazines I’m drawn to burnt orange, teal, turquoise, and chartreuse.  These all compliment navy (luckily) so looks like I need to do some fabric shopping!
  • I don’t wear most of the clothes in my wardrobe.  Very lazy – will try to do better, and stop keeping things for “best”.
  • Some of my clothes are really unflattering.  Knowing I was going to have my photo taken made me look properly at them in the mirror.  I’ve lost weight recently (thank you, puppy) but my brain hasn’t quite caught up with the change.  Several things have now gone to the charity shop or been binned.  A button through denim skirt, which was an everyday staple, was too big and looked awful on me!  I plan to make a Colette Beignet to replace it.

1. Serendipity Bella skirt, Great Plains t-shirt

2. V1247 skirt, Banana Republic t-shirt

3. Colette Jasmine (with a pot of jasmine!  We were buying Mr D a shed.  He is very, very happy.).   Esprit linen trousers (via ebay), handmade bag by Stitch and Swash

4. Billow by Sarah Hatton jumper in red cotton/silk.  High waisted Hobbs jeans.  Accessorised with Tiny Niece.

5. Bella skirt and old t-shirt – not pictured, gardening and shed preparation today.

6. V1247 skirt (again), Monsoon vest top.

7. Refashioned Next dress.  Bought from ebay and the top of the dress didn’t fit.  I cut it off, neatened the waist edges (which are shirred at the back, so very easy to fit) – and I have a new skirt!

8 thoughts on “Me Made May – week 1, and I’m already learning stuff!

  1. It is amazing what you learn when you actually focus on what you make or own. I have also found I’m drawn to certain colours but would have sworn blind that I wasn’t! Lovely wardrobe for the week.

  2. Wow, isn’t it amazing how taking part in MMM has really made you think about your makes?So insightful – I was just thinking I hadn’t enough me-mades but you’ve really thought about it in detail 🙂

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