International Craft Swap gorgeousness!

Kristin of Fearsome 5 (& family) was my partner for Rachel’s International Craft Swap.  And just look at what she made!  A beautiful folding water bowl for Hetty, and matching bag for treats and carrying things.

Water bowl  Water bowl 2

The bowl holds water really well, but I tried her with some treats here (also included in the parcel – so thoughtful).  Just as well, because the first thing she did was pick the bowl up and take it to the doormat, her favourite place for investigating new things.  We’ll keep the water for outside the house I think!

The pattern is from The Green Pepper Inc, which sells all sorts of outdoorsy patterns and supplies to make them.

Kristin also sent me a collection of sewing and beauty supplies, which I love.  And some amazing ginger cookies from Cougar Mountain – not pictured because we ate them!

Thank you Kristin, you made the whole family very happy!

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