Plans for a sewing dare

I asked Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow to set me a Sewing Dare – she came up with a brilliant one!

“You said in your New Years resolutions that you want to make everyday clothing for working at home. So here is your dare: Make an outfit that is comfy enough you’d actually choose to wear it around the house, but flattering and fun enough that you’d wear it anywhere!”

I’d sort of ‘forgotten’ about this resolution – using the puppy as an excuse.  I’ve become more scruffy, not less, due to playing on the floor with her, picking her up when she needs a rest on our walk (I get so muddy on wet days) and general puppy cuddling.  So my challenge is to make a comfy, flattering, fun and hardwearing outfit!  Actually, several, as I’m planning to take part in Me Made May for the first time.

Pattern ideas so far –

mccalls 6708Simplicity skirt detail  Maria Denmark T shirt SamanthaSimplicity 7013 Butterick 3385

McCalls 6708 – knit cardigan reviewed by Scruffy Badger.  Couldn’t resist this pic – I will not be posing with a bike and handbag.

My favorite skirt, Simplicity 2152 in denim and anything else which will survive abuse.

Maria Denmark’s Day to Night top and Basic T.

StyleArc Samantha Top – won in Wendy’s giveaway.

Another Simplicity 7013 because I love the butterfly sleeves.

Butterick 3385 in cotton – already made in vintage viscose, but the pup isn’t getting near that!

Another skirt pattern would be good.  Do you have any recommendations?

14 thoughts on “Plans for a sewing dare

  1. Very nice! Good luck in your sewing dare. I JUST finished mine and will be blogging about it next week. 🙂 And, it involved Butterick, 5285, which happens to be a skirt! I would recommend this pattern, for sure. I made version B, the pleats took the longest for it, getting them ‘even’, but like the pattern and the outcome. Check for it on my blog next week if you want to see pics of it, sewn up.

  2. I love these plans, and I’m glad you are enjoying your sewing dare! I”m trying to think of another shape of skirt that would work just as well with all those tops… maybe a circle/half circle skirt? Of knit, even? Or how about just a second of the Simplicity 2152 in another colour?

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