Polka Dot Frock Fest New Look 6000

Whew! February is a short month, but I’ve managed to finish this just in time.

Scruffy Badger’s sewalong inspired me to buy this pattern and join in.  I’d admired it on others, but didn’t think it was my kind of thing.  I was wrong!

New Look 6000  New Look 6000 detail

I chose to make the gathered version, with just a simple faced neckline and bias tape faced armholes.  I thought with these large polka dots I didn’t want to go more complicated.  This is planned as a summer dress, maybe with coral coloured flats?   Dreaming of some sun…

The fabric is heavy jersey from Stone Fabrics.  It doesn’t have much stretch, so I sewed with a straight stitch, and just used my serger to finish the seams.  It is gorgeous fabric to wear.  Quite thick, with a plain white back, and drapes beautifully.   The pleats have become drapey across the body, but I like the effect.

I didn’t muslin it but laid one of my jersey dresses on the patterns pieces to make sure they would fit.  I was very lucky it went right first time, as the stitches sink into the fabric and are very difficult to remove (so I didn’t redo the pattern matching that didn’t quite match!).

I’d love to make a winter version, with one of the collar options, and sleeves.

Thank you Scruffy Badger for hosting!

15 thoughts on “Polka Dot Frock Fest New Look 6000

  1. Oh it is too dreamy! I sooooo love this version, the fabric is wondrous. And you say it is jersey? Looks like it will be a sure fave & never out of the wash. Thank you for joining in with such class!

  2. […] She’s made hers with a heavy  jersey which has carried off the gathered waistline absolutely brilliantly.  I love it being sleeveless too & couldn’t help but over hear Doc Frockfest’s advice: plenty of fresh air.  I’d have to agree, with Spring around the corner I’d imagine this would be a wardrobe favorite!  Go & visit to read more about her experience of it here. […]

  3. You look so pretty!!! How smart to do this in jersey. The draping of the pleats is gorgeous. You’ll wear this to death. So happy that you joined the Frock Fest and added yet another cool variation to the bunch.

  4. Oh, more polka dots! I’ve been seeing quite a few lately as people rush to get them in for February :). Yours is absolutely lovely, classic black and white polka dots. Or is that navy and white? Either way, it looks so chic.

  5. you look stunning in the dress, was inspired to get the fabric and make it myself. Can’t wait for the fabric to come!

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