Carry on serging….another jersey top

Carry on serging….another jersey top

Simplicity 7013

Oh, I love my serger!  This pattern is Simplicity 7013 and I made the bottom right option, omitting the slits on the arms.

simplicity7013 pattern

Something I like about sewing jersey is that you can get to ‘try on’ stage pretty speedily.  This top had just four seams to sew to put it together.  But  it’s also frustrating because the finishing (facing, hems) take me a lot longer – especially as a beginner.

It’s the first time I’ve serged a facing, and that went fine.  Unfortunately my twin needle stitching did not go well and was very crooked.   I’d read that it’s good to use a walking foot on jersey, but that made it difficult to see what I was doing, so I switched back to a standard foot.

I couldn’t unpick the stitching – two lines of black stitching on black fabric?  No thank you.  So I cut off the facing and sewed it on again.  It doesn’t quite sit properly – the facing is now too narrow, and I think I should have twin needled a bit further away from the seam – but this top is wearable, and I plan to make another one using what I’ve learned.

I wanted to keep the sleeves as fluttery as possible, so used the rolled hem option.  Love this!  It gives such a professional finish.

Next, I’m going to try to copy my favourite jersey trousers…

Pattern: Simplicity 7013 £4
Fabric:   Black cotton jersey from Tissu Fabrics, £3
Total: £7

5 thoughts on “Carry on serging….another jersey top

  1. You got the bug!!! It’s a great too, really nice in a dark colour I think. And you’re right – unpicking twin needle stitching is a nightmare!!! Unless there’s an as yet to be discovered easier way? And right again about rolled hems, aren’t they awesome ?! Good luck and enjoy your next make

  2. That looks great on you, I’m following your progress closely as I’m still undecided about a serger (scared might be a more accurate description!). Good luck with the trousers 🙂

  3. Very lovely! Overlockers can be so handy, but mine is currently in the dog box after it refused to let itself be threaded! Those sleeves are just so pretty as well, so fluttery!

  4. I love my serger too… except when I pull a DURR move & sew a sleeve on the wrong way & have to unpick…. trust me, you don’t wanna do that!! lol

    Love the top – it’s versatile and very cute! 🙂

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