Serge-tastic! Birgitte Basic T

Maria Denmark T shirt

I made a top with my serger!  Sorry to sound so amazed, but sewing jersey is something I’ve found quite intimidating – I haven’t attempted it with my sewing machine.

This is the Maria Denmark Birgitte basic T.  I bought the pattern because I wanted to make her Day to Night top with sleeves (because I don’t live in Australia) and the sleeves for this top fit the D2N.  Then I remembered my resolution to slow down a bit (and hopefully make fewer mistakes), so tried this more basic pattern first.

I’m so happy with how this has turned out.  The jersey was very ‘curly’ at the edges and I struggled with the neckband because of this, but eventually bent it to my will with a lot of pins.  I hadn’t tried sewing with a twin needle before, but that was pretty easy once I’d read the threading instructions properly.  Ahem.

And then, I used my serger to do this on the skirt I am making –

Four layers of fraying fabric, including pocket edges
Four layers of fraying fabric, including pocket edges
Problem solved!
Problem solved!

Pattern: Maria Denmark Birgitte Basic T £5
Fabric:   Striped jersey from ebay, £4.50
Time in fabric stash:   3 months
Total: £9.50

14 thoughts on “Serge-tastic! Birgitte Basic T

  1. This top is really top ;-)! I am making the D2N top now… it is very easy top – specially when using serge. Since I have serge I do not use sewing machine to sew jersey – serge is made for it. Good luck!

  2. Yay! Isn’t having a serger great? I don’t use it for everything but it DEFINITELY makes sewing knits a lot easier, and I like having it as an option to finish seams (although I am a fan of pinking as well as the other more couture methods too ^__^)

    I’ve seen a lot of that Day to Night top through the blogosphere, and it really seems to be a very cute, versatile top – looking forward to seeing your version 🙂

  3. Lovely stripes – it looks great! I so hear you on the “curly” edges point: for me the neckband is always the hardest part of sewing a t-shirt. Looking forward to seeing your D2N top.

  4. What a brilliant first serger make!! Really impressed and can see you like the birgitte too…it’s such a great fitting simple tee shirt, and like you, it’s great that its sleeves fit the day to night…there will be no stopping you now!!

  5. Well done! It’s a great shirt! I’m so hooked on being able to sew my own tee shirts – It’s such a great quick make once you get the hang out it! 🙂

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