The final five – my 2013 Goals

The final five – my 2013 Goals

1. Make clothes for the life I have now
We go for a two mile walk every morning and I’ll often stay in those scruffy clothes (I work from home).   Quite frankly, I look a bit of a mess most days!  So I’ll be focusing on comfortable, practical basics. (Also, pretty dresses.  Obviously).

2. Learn to use my new serger and sew knits
And to help me with number 1, Mr D bought me a serger – woo hoo!

3. Sew more slowly
I get excited and want to finish, I rush things.  Then they don’t turn out so well.  I’m not talking couture techniques, just not leaving threads hanging (so they get caught up in seams), not cutting notches properly (so I can’t find them and have to get the pattern pieces out again), not reading the instructions – the list is endless.

4. Take part in Me Made May
I started sewing clothes in April last year, but enjoyed watching from the sidelines.  This year, I aim to take part.  How successful I am could depend on the weather!

5. Where does the money go?
I don’t plan to renew my Seamless Challenge at the end of January – let’s see how I do without a pledge. Instead, I’ll keep a record of what I spend on ready to wear and sewing/knitting through the year.  Inspired by Roobeedoo’s recent post.

Thank you to Gillian for the Top 5 of 2012 idea.  I’ve really enjoyed compiling my lists, and reading everyone elses.

6 thoughts on “The final five – my 2013 Goals

  1. The first four things ring so true with me too! I’ve also recently got a serger and can’t wait to use it for more than simply neatening seams… although that is quite fabulous in itself! Good luck with your Top 5 – I’m still trying to figure out mine…

  2. Hello!!! Lovely post!!
    Actually your second goal is exactly the same as mine!! My boyfriend got me a serger as a x-mas present!! So happy!!! Except for the me-made-may (which I’m not yet ready for) the other goals / thoughts are just like mine! 🙂

  3. i also just got a serger, too! if you discover any tips that might be helpful, please post! I’m used one a little before and have signed up for a 1 day class, but i have a lot to learn =)

  4. What great goals. I’d love to know how you get on with your serger. I nearly bought one last year, then couldn’t decide if I really wanted it.

    I’ve nominated you for a Liebster blog award – check my blog for details.

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