Top 5 Lessons Learned and Favourite Bloggers

Top 5 Lessons Learned and Favourite Bloggers


Continuing my review of the year….

Five Lessons Learned
1. Choose the right fabric for the pattern
This is very, very important, and I keep forgetting it!  And from the lovely, supportive comments many of you have left, I’m not alone.

2. Invisible zips
If they are not invisible enough you can just sew them again, without unpicking.  This is obvious isn’t it?  Not to me.

3. Planning works well for me
I’ve made a couple of inspiration collages on Polyvore to help me remember what I need and would like to make.  The first was a bit ambitious, but I’ve completed or started everything from number two.Autumn / Winter 2012 inspiration

4. I can stop shopping
At the end of January, I will have (almost completely) abstained from clothes shopping for a year and a half, and it’s been a revelation!  I’ll write about my experience in more detail then.

5. Blogging is great!
I didn’t discover sewing blogs until the beginning of the year and reading about all the wonderful things you make inspired me to start making clothes.  Then I wanted  to join in, so I took a deep breath and published my first post.  Terrifying!  But all good, everyone is so supportive and your comments often make my day.

Five favourite bloggers

I follow loads of blogs and it’s hard to choose, but here goes…

Scruffy Badger – gorgeous clothes, and so funny.

Alicia Paulson – beautiful pictures, wonderful writing.  I’m looking forward to seeing what she makes for her new daughter to wear as she grows.

Roobeedoo – I love her fashion style and she always has something interesting to say.

Did you make that – inspirational!

Handmade by Carolyn – her photos are fabulous, and I would wear almost everything she makes (if I lived somewhere warmer).  Worrying recent tendency to make men’s shirts.  I’ve told Mr D this is an elaborate hoax!

Just one more list to go – my five goals for 2013.  I’m enjoying reading everyone else’s lists –  Gillian has a link here.


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Lessons Learned and Favourite Bloggers

  1. ha! ur number 2 makes so much sense but i was planning on ripping my not so invisible zipper out! d’oh! thanks for that! šŸ˜€

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