The five sewing highs…and lows… of 2012

The five sewing highs…and lows… of 2012


Inspired by Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow, I thought I’d have a look back at 2012.

My top five makes of the year are (long pause, tense music etc)…

1. Burda (10/2012) coat.  I’ve worn this lots of times and really love it.  Also one of my fastest makes due to no lining, seam finishing or buttonholes!

Burda 102 10 / 2012

2. Megan Nielsen Kelly skirt.  Such a lovely versatile pattern and reminds me of holiday time.  I do like a pocket or two, and my first attempt at machine made buttonholes.

Kelly skirt

3. Vintage Simplicity dress.  Makes me feel glamorous and happy – what more could I ask!  Also my first attempt at grading up a pattern so rather proud of this one.

1960 Simplicity dress

4. Vogue 1247 skirt.  Lovely shape, great pockets – will make this again and again.  I made a muslin for this in black stetch denim which had got badly creased in the wash.  It doesn’t look great, but I wear it all the time at home with a jumper and woolly tights – probably my most worn make.  Does anyone know how to stop denim fabric creasing in the wash?  I know you turn jeans inside out – but I can’t turn fabric inside out!

Vogue 1247

5. Colette Jasmine.  The perfect top for me, the bias cut is really flattering, it doesn’t have any fastenings, and I do like a v neck.  I’ve made this pattern three times so far, most recently my own long sleeved version.

Colette Jasmine

And the lows

Sewaholic Cambie dress  Colette Hazel 2 Tiny pocket tankPrint dress 2 Chagford Rag Market

1. Sewaholic Cambie.  Lovely pattern, but I made it in cotton with a slight sheen, which looks awful in sunlight.  Every dart and crease is highlighted.  Will definitely make again next summer.

2. Colette Hazel.  I changed the skirt and shoulder strap placement, but it’s still not right for me.  Just a bit bleugh about this one.

3. Grainline tiny pocket tank.  This looks great on other people, but too tight/baggy (in the wrong places) on me.

4. Colette Truffle.  Shift dresses don’t suit me or my lifestyle – something a little flared like the Cambie is much more me.  Also the fabric was quite stiff so didn’t work too well.  Cut up and made into something else a while back!

5. Kelly skirt 2.  Love this in a drapey fabric, doesn’t look so good on me in wool.  I wore this once, but it makes me look twice the size I am – especially from the back.  I’ve held onto it though.  Might see if I can change the back.

It’s been interesting for me to look back like this.  I can see that fabric choice is very important.  I sometimes fall in love with a print, but must remember to match the right pattern to the fabric.  Generally I prefer soft fabric with a lot of drape.

I’m also learning which shapes look good on me – and which don’t!

And it’s good to take a deep breath and be brave sometimes – I’m amazed the Burda coat was so easy to do and lovely to wear.

To come next time –

  • Top 5 Lessons Learned
  • Top 5 Blogs and Bloggers that Inspire
  • Top 5 Goals for the New Year

See  Crafting a Rainbow for more.

11 thoughts on “The five sewing highs…and lows… of 2012

  1. As someone new to dressmaking, it’s really interesting to see things made up in different fabrics & notice what a difference it makes to the finished item (like your Kelly skirt).
    And looking back at the highs & lows is a great exercise.
    Looking forward to reading about your top 5 lessons learned!

  2. What a lovely list! I have to say, I like *everything* you posted – Your fails are pretty darn nice too! (And a perfect reflection of the popular indie sewing patterns of 2012, as it happens!) You make a great point about choosing the right fabric… interesting to have the pattern as both a win and a fail!

  3. I agree Vogue 1247 is also my most worn make. The skirt is just perfect.
    I hope your next Cambie is a good experience. I adore mine.
    I’ve got Jasmine and I think you just moved it up higher on my list! I am addicted a Sewaholic Alma blouse. It’s perfect.

  4. all of those makes look lovely, even the ‘misses’!
    you’re so right about the importance of choosing the appropriate fabric – i suppose it’s obvious, but it’s surprising how often i make bad choices!

  5. All your top 5 are fabulous, and the bottom 5 don’t look bad either! Maybe they just weren’t right for you.

    I’m definitely going to do something similar, it might help me to be a bit more focused and thoughtful about my sewing next year.

  6. Really like your coat…I’ve stashed that pattern for next winter …great to read your analysis of what worked and what didn’t ….I’ve also had a rapid learning curve this year re best styles/fabrics for me…(pencil skirts/knits)

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