Three-quarter sleeve Franken-Jasmine

A big part of my sewing plan for this season was inspired by some three quarter sleeved tops from Zara. But I just couldn’t find a pattern that was right.

Then I thought, make one up! (And that really was a revelation – I am quite new to this.)

So I combined the Colette Jasmine body with the sleeves from the Burda Style book blouse.  I’m planning to lower and widen the neckline a little, and bind it rather than adding the collar.

I’ve made the Jasmine a couple of times, and love it, so I knew that part would work. I’m far too lazy to make a complete muslin, so here is the body in my fashion fabric, with a tacked on Frankensleeve.


I made the cuff about an inch narrower than the pattern and lengthened the sleeves by 2.5 inches.

The shoulder seam gathers are BAD!  I’m expecting a power cut any minute (trees, overhead cables, gale force winds = not a great combination) so was rushing.  The cuff is held together with fabric glue…

Apart from the dreadful shoulder, which I’ll work on as I like the puffy Burda blouse one, I’m pleased with this.  I can both get it on and move my arm, which is great!  More soon.

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