Kelly goes to the Rag Market

Readers, we did not make our fortunes! The rag market was very quiet this time, but Sue and I had a great day, meeting new people and chatting.

We kept to our resolve not to buy more fabric, but I did swap some with the lady next door. Only to be expected when fabric obsessives are left in a room with lots of fabric and not enough to do!

My haul.  The black printed fabric is (I think) part of a kimono, and I’m planning to make a top with it next summer.  The other small pieces are for notebook covers.

It was the first outing for my new grey wool Kelly skirt.  I really wasn’t sure if this would work, as I’m a curvy person and I would normally go for something slimmer and more fitted.  I do prefer the Kelly in a thin drapey fabric, but the high neat waist makes for a flattering silhouette and I can see this skirt getting some wear.

5 responses to “Kelly goes to the Rag Market

  1. I love your Kelly skirt – the wool has made the pleat a really beautiful feature!

  2. Kelly is such a simple skirt but its perfect. Your version looks lovely!

  3. How cute! I love this!

  4. I agree with Vicki, the pleats look soft and beautiful due to the wool. It looks great!

  5. Oh, thank you everybody – you made my day!

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