Rag market preparation

I met with my dear friend Sue last week. After a conversation a while ago, when we were both complaining we had too much fabric, I suggested we take a table at a rag market together.

We met to sort out our stock,  so I got to go through her stash.  I don’t have to explain how much fun that was!

Much time was spent laughing and reminiscing. It’s amazing the memories fabrics inspire.

I squealed when I saw this 1980s pattern in her stack. It was one of the very first patterns I made and I think I had the same hair style.  I was 15 and growing out the ‘sensible’ bob I had as a child.

Sue made me a present of this never-worn dress, which I’ll make into a skirt or top next summer.  The print on the left of the picture is a smaller version of the main print, which is a very pretty combination.

She’s coming here again next week – we talked too much and didn’t get round to pricing things – which meant she left her fabric here.  Oops.

I was making a grey wool Kelly skirt at the weekend, couldn’t find anything I liked for the pockets – you can guess what happened…

Sue made her first sale!  Vintage grey flowered Laura Ashley fabric makes a lovely pocket lining.

If you’re local and would like to come to the Rag Market, it’s on Saturday 3 November, starting at 10am, at Chagford Village Hall in Devon. More details here.

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