A coat cocoon

I made a coat! In a day!

No lining or bound buttonhole loveliness here I’m afraid, but a very warm and (I think) stylish winter jacket.

The pattern is number 102 from the current Burda magazine (10/2012) and I used some wool boucle from here.  I bought the fabric because I loved the colour and planned to make a winter skirt, but it was far too thick (the perils of ebay).

I think it took me longer to trace the pattern than it did to sew it together.  I’m beginning to get my eye in with Burda tracing, but there were some strange shapes.  The pieces fitted together beautifully and I had no problems with the pattern at all.

It’s so quick because there is no seam finishing or hemming.  Coat or sleeves too long?  Just cut a bit off!

Two Burda tracing tips I’ve picked up which helped – I went over the pattern lines with a marker before tracing, and used a Post-it to mark my place in the instructions.

I love the collar, it feels very glamorous, and doubling the thick fabric around the top makes it extremely warm.  It was only around 9 degrees  while we were taking the photos, but I got too hot.

I used one very large popper to fasten the collar, instead of the three they suggest.

And finally…

Meet the neighbours!

12 responses to “A coat cocoon

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you made that in a day – even allowing for the fact that you didn’t need hems etc that’s pretty impressive. It looks great on you, I love the big collar and the colour is gorgeous.

    Your Burda tracing tips are really helpful too, I’ll be sure to remember them next time I try and tackle tracing off one of those awful sheets!

  2. Wow, only one day?? I am in awe of your efficiency! The collar is really interesting and unique – I quite like the way it drapes, even with the heavy fabric – very nice! 🙂

  3. Awesome coat! I love the color and the collar! Enjoy and wear in good health! g

  4. Impressively fast! Great job on your coat.

  5. A very pretty coat…I’ve put this one on my ‘list’ thanks to you!

  6. What a great coat, an inspiration!! A day’s make too….you wouldn’t think it to look at it. Looks like a style classic and nice and cosy 🙂

  7. Your one day coat is lovely! Looks cosy like wrapping yourself in a blanket.

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