Seamless challenge update

Three months in, how am I doing?

Nowhere near this tidy…

Part of my Seamless Pledge was to sell or give away clothes, patterns and fabrics I’m not going to use.

So far, I have –

Been ruthless.  Four years ago, I worked in a professional office and went to a fair number of ‘posh dos’ through work.    Now I work at home and rarely dress formally in the evening.  Time for that to be reflected in my wardrobe!  I must admit, the suits went ages ago, but the pretty cocktail dresses were much harder to let go of.

Sold fabric to a professional dressmaker.  I used to make tweed doorstops, but got tired of hauling them around to craft fairs, so all the wool and tweed  I won’t use has gone to her.

Sold all my wool stash on ebay.  All those odd balls of wool left over from projects – gone!   I sold them in mixed groups, by yarn type.

Sewing and craft books.  I have too many and they are too heavy to sell online.  I rent a shelf for my work at Mill Street Crafts (Sidmouth in Devon) and they are now selling second hand craft books, taking a commission.  Result!

Booked a table at a Rag Market.  For the remaining fabric and patterns that I don’t want.  I’m sharing with a friend and the plan is not to come back with more than we take – I’ll let you know how we get on!

I’ve also given lots of things away.  Mr D has been very helpful – typical conversation…

Me – But isn’t it useful to have a sleeping bag?
Mr D – Not if you haven’t used it for 14 years.

My three year old nephew is very happy with his grown-up sleeping bag, and it’s already been on a camping holiday. “Zip it all the way up Mummy” he says (aw!).

I feel great, having got rid of so much stuff.  The spare bedroom no longer looks like a warehouse, the boxes under the beds are disappearing, and my wardrobe is full of clothes I might actually wear.  Plus more room for the things I’m making now (tee hee).

The other part of my pledge is not to buy anything new, and the only thing I’ve bought is one small vest top.  It is emerald green, beautifully cut and less than £2 in a sale…

I am supposed to be sewing only from my fabric and pattern stash, but did buy some (bargain) Liberty and John Kaldor fabric, and my Kelly skirt pattern.

So, a wee bit of rule breaking, but signing the pledge meant I really thought before buying – and decided I really, really wanted them!

17 thoughts on “Seamless challenge update

  1. Good work! I need to get more ruthless with my fabric buying, my excuse is that “I’m buying it to build my stash for the future”(!). But I really have such a great love of fabric, I can’t help myself! And I don’t buy clothes new from the stores now, preferring to make it, intheory from my stash!

  2. That is so great to hear how you are getting on! Makes me want to take the plunge now and sell some of my clothes! I have 3 dresses which are immaculate condition (some only worn once) and they are 2 sizes too big.
    And generally look through my stuff! Thanks this is really inspiring!

  3. Sounds like you are doing really well in getting rid of things you no longer need. I did smile at the conversation about the sleeping bag…… it sounds like a conversation that might be heard in my house too!

  4. Wow, impressive, and inspiring! That’s a lot of change for only three months!! I’ve always been more comfortable as a minimalist… almost to a fault; my closet is so empty i don’t have anything to wear! LOL. Still, I find myself needing to purge every now and again; it’s satisfying and rewarding, isn’t it? 🙂

  5. It sounds like you doing great!! I intentionally didn’t restrict my sewing purchases because I’d break that so easily so, you’re well ahead of me. Well done 🙂

  6. Wow–I’m impressed! I think that sometimes you need to break the rules. Learning to think realistically about what you’ll actually wear or use rather than buying “just in case” is an enormous accomplishment in itself 🙂

  7. This was a very inspiring read, I love the idea of giving them to a second hand bookseller – if only there were a similar scheme available in my local area! Your conversation with your husband also made me laugh (although since my boyfriend has hoarding tendencies, our version is usually the other way round…)

  8. This is amazing! I love stumbling across Seamless-themed posts. On that note – wondered if you’d be up for being featured on the blog as a featured pledger? Shoot me an email on elenamcresci at gmail dot com and we can sort it out 🙂

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