I expected at least that the pigs were got into the garden, and here is nothing but Lady Catherine and her daughter…

Homage to Dolly Clackett in that title!

Remember this?

This is the closest I’ll get…  love the camp pose.

This was at a Creative Stitches exhibition, and (serious point here, not just gratuitous Firth photos) plenty for garment sewists this time.  Last year there were lots of quilting stands, but only one for fashion fabric.  This year, two fabric stands, sewing machines, a pattern book bar (no cocktails, sadly) and one of the sewing magazines was selling reduced price patterns.  It was PACKED!

And what did I buy?

This lovely John Kaldor viscose – I’m thinking another Kelly skirt – and Vogue 8632.

I wore this dress (made by Saint Tropez, not me) a lot on holiday, and although the pattern is a very different style, I thought it was along the same relaxed lines.

I’ll try a winter weight version first, can’t wait till next summer to make it!

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