Kelly skirt in the sea

Some more pics from Corfu – my new Kelly skirt!

The fabric is a very small piece of vintage drapey viscosey something-or-other, which I’d held on to, even though I didn’t think I had enough of it to make anything. One of the joys of the Kelly skirt is it uses very little fabric, and the simple pattern shapes mean it is easy to squeeze the layout into a tight space.

I underlined (I know!  Underlining!) in black cotton/silk and the buttons are vintage from my stash.

Has anyone seen the taverna?

I plan to make plenty more of these skirts, it’s a great pattern.  It says for beginners and it is easy, but with pockets, buttons and a high waist there is plenty to think about.

I wore this skirt on holiday a lot, and to fly home in.  It’s a great relaxed shape, but fitted too, and I love the pockets.

Here’s a close up, so you can see the fabric.  It has a broken spot, a bit like it has been screen printed.

I’m rather proud of the inside.  Would you like to see?

The fabric really frays, so much finishing was involved.  Also a tiny hem – I’ll cut the next one a bit longer.  I have some soft grey wool flannel, and some navy cord, so that’s two more planned so far!

13 thoughts on “Kelly skirt in the sea

  1. I really like all the examples I’ve seen of this skirt, it does seem to be really flattering, and your fabric is lovely. I’m on a self-imposed pattern ban but I think this is a definite candidate for my Christmas list 🙂

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