1960s Simplicity dress – finished!

I finished this three weeks ago, but thought I’d take it on holiday and show you pictures from Corfu!

The pattern is the 1960s yellow dress which I graded up. I am so pleased with it. It fits perfectly and I’ve already worn it several times and had lots of compliments.

I especially love the back…

I’m also pleased with the way the flower pattern placement has worked out.  I was a bit worried that it was too big a pattern for the number of sections, especially the skirt, but I think it looks good.

My favourite make so far!

Corfu was beautiful.  A lot of the island is very developed now, but we stay in the north east and it is so peaceful and the people very friendly.  Especially this year, with Greece having such a difficult time, they seemed even more pleased to see us.  I miss it already, but home is good too!

10 thoughts on “1960s Simplicity dress – finished!

  1. Beautiful dress. I’m a bit nervous about grading patterns but I think it’s something I need to get to grips with as I keep picking up old patterns, it’s very encouraging to see what a good job you’ve done. Glad you had a super holiday 🙂

    1. Do try it – it really isn’t difficult, just allow yourself plenty of time to work through the maths. Best to go for a simple pattern first too – not one with 6 sections to the skirt like I did!

  2. Sorry I haven’t been around to leave a comment but I read all your posts on my email. I have several patterns that need grading down but I am scared of dipping my feet into the grading pool! Maybe someday.
    Great job on the dress, You look beautiful in it.

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