Daisy Chain for summer

Finished! My Daisy Chain sampler from Alicia Paulson. My first time stitching embroidery since I was at school.  I took Alicia’s advice to take it slowly, and practice unfamiliar stitches on a spare piece of fabric, and it went along pretty well.  Her instructions are very clear and the design is lovely.  Lots of different stitches to keep it interesting.

I haven’t embroidered with crewel wool before, and love the effect. And particularly like the noise the wool makes as it is pulled through the hooped fabric.  Very soothing.

Sadly the Couture Dress course has not gone so well, as the Broadband we have here in the countryside is not up to the job.   So frustrating, as I managed to watch the introduction and it looked great.  Ah well, Gertie’s book is out soon – maybe I’ll try to work my way though that.  The patterns look gorgeous.

6 thoughts on “Daisy Chain for summer

  1. Your sampler is so pretty, I love the colours you’ve used.

    Sorry to hear you’re not getting on well with the Couture Dress due to your broadband. I’m not sure when I’ll be starting mine just yet, but I could pass on some tips to you when I do.

  2. Aw that’s too bad about the Couture Dress class 😦 I’m looking forward to doing that one too, but it will have to wait til I can afford the expensive supplies! LOL

    Also looking forward to Gertie’s book – aren’t those patterns gorgeous??? 🙂

  3. That sampler is just lovely! I love the colours you have used. Embroidery is definitely on my to do list, along with many other things! Gertie’s new book looks amazing! I could see myself wearing pretty much every item in that book! Most sewing books you usually find one thing you don’t like but all her outfits are gorgeous! Looking forward to when it comes out!

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