A lace collar

A knit to show you today. I’ve been working on this for quite a while, mainly because I realised rather late it was becoming a crop cardigan rather than the waist length one illustrated. So I had to rip back the back, left front, and most of the right to lengthen it. Sigh.

It was worth it though, and I love the collar. I’m not a fan of lace knitting because I’ve found it difficult to fix if (ha ha – I mean ‘when’) I went wrong. With this collar, you knit it like a ribbon, and if you make a mistake it’s easy to rip back one ‘scallop’ and start that bit again.

I can see this made on smaller needles with a thinner yarn to make a collar for a fabric dress or top. You just make enough scallops to fit, and there is no shaping, so it’s very easy to do.

The pattern is called Natalie, from here.  The yarn is Patons 100% cotton dk in garnet and the buttons are vintage from my stash.

I’ve just received my pattern for the Craftsy Couture Dress sewing course I signed up for, and which several of you have asked me about, so I’ll start blogging about that later in the week.

7 thoughts on “A lace collar

  1. That’s a gorgeous cardigan. The little lace collar is so pretty.

    I got my Craftsy Couture Dress pattern during the week too. It’ll probably be a couple of weeks before I’m able to start it, as I’m away this weekend, then need to make a start on a peplum top and skirt I want to wear to a birthday afternoon tea on 18th Aug. Haven’t even started that yet, although I have traced off the pattern. It’s a shame I can’t start it sooner, as I’d love to “sew along” with you!

  2. Adorable!!! I super love this, it’s so cute. I’ve got the couture dress course too….have watched a few of the lessons, but have frozen beyond that, distracted as always…..Hope you get on better than me!

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