Going to the Fair in a Cambie

I had a stand at a big craft fair at the weekend – the largest I’ve done, with over 100 different makers. I was pretty nervous, but my new Cambie dress helped me feel more confident! (That sounds like a really cheesy advert, but it did.)

Early morning – setting up

The fabric is a polka dot cotton with a slight sheen, and I lined it with silk/cotton lining fabric from here.  Next time I make this dress I’ll shorten the bodice a bit.  It was folding over at the top, and I think a lower neckline is more flattering on me.  Very pleased with it though – it was comfortable and I felt smart and pulled together.

I shared a tent with the lovely Izabella – we are both wearing the jewellery she makes.

We had a fantastic pitch – Exeter Cathedral is in the background in this photo – and the sun came out, at last.  A very happy and successful couple of days!

You can see more of Izabella’s jewellery here.

9 responses to “Going to the Fair in a Cambie

  1. Cuckoo Chanel

    Beautiful! Love those polka dots.

  2. Cute dress! I’ve been seeing this dress pattern all over Blogland and I love it every time. After seeing your post, I finally ordered it. I can’t wait. I have some beautiful fabric from a thrift store that will be perfect for this dress. I usually refashion, so this will be my first pattern sewing in quite awhile.
    Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. soo pretty! I just ordered my pattern! cant wait to join the club!

  4. Lovely! The more Cambie’s I see the more I want to make one myself. Yours is gorgeous.

  5. Love your dress. I too think I need this pattern! Also what a gorgeous spot for the craft fair!

  6. Love your polka dotted cambie!! and that craft fair looks like fun (i’m a little jealous)

  7. What gorgeous photos – and love the dress, colour and shape very attractive.

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