Seamless Pledging and Destashing

A confession – I used to be a shopaholic. Anyone who knows me will be saying “yes, obviously – and what do you mean, used to be”.

Well, ‘ha!’ to them, because exactly a year ago I decided I felt uncomfortable with the amount of stuff I had, especially clothes, so I sold some, gave some away, and (almost) stopped buying them.

This was before I started reading sewing blogs, or heard about the Seamless Pledge, but I was inspired by Alexis Hall’s In the Red: the Diary of a Recovering Shopaholic.  I love this book – funny and cringe making.

I did buy a navy cotton dress, which I love and have worn a lot, and an orange jersey top (both much reduced in the sales).  I’ve also been lucky enough to receive four dresses and two jumpers as presents.  So I’ve not exactly been deprived, but this is far, far less than if I’d been writing this a year ago.

I started making clothes because I  buy vintage fabric for my work and kept buying vintage dress fabric too, which then piled up, unused.  Also patterns.  See how the shopaholic tendency continues?!

Vintage Fabric Stash

Modern Fabric Stash

I think it’s time for a Seamless Pledge.

I, Dottie Doodle, take the Seamless Pledge until the end of January 2013.  I will abstain from buying any new or second hand clothes until  that time.  I will make my own clothes, using patterns and fabric from my stash whenever I can.  I will also sell or give away clothes, fabric and patterns which I won’t use.