Burda tracing, and a fail remade!

Mr Doodle bought me a Burda magazine subscription for my birthday.  I love the magazine, but my goodness, that tracing is intimidating!  I picked a skirt with only 5 pieces (including pockets) and managed to do it without too much squinting.  The fabric is a thick cotton with a bit of stretch, sold to me by an ebay seller as ‘from Zara’.  I made Vogue 8494 from it, but the bodice was in five sections, which looked terrible with the large print all cut up.

This is me looking very pleased with my pattern placement – purely luck as I didn’t have much fabric to play with.  Isn’t it amazing how much fabric you need to make something? I would have thought dress into skirt would go easily, but no!

The pattern is number 122 from issue 4/2012.  I added 6 inches to the longest length.  It’s a great pattern, with just four darts to make it fit, and small hip pockets for posing.  I plan to make another of these in denim, with a bit of orange top stitching.


I made my top too, it’s a cotton knit from The Sublime Extra Fine Merino 4ply Book.  I recommend the Sublime books, they’re full of wearable knits with interesting details.

6 thoughts on “Burda tracing, and a fail remade!

  1. Lovely skirt and top! I haven’t had the patience to try tracing a Burda pattern from the magazine yet. I think I’ll follow your lead and pick a simple one if and when I do try!

  2. Love it! Burda’s actually alright to trace-I use a double wheel tracing wheel (bumpy not pointy) from Clover and carbon-copy paper. Instant seam allowance. + They’re really consistent (unlike VMB) so any fitting modifications you might have to make will be exactly the same every time around.

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