Jasmine in flower

Continuing my quest to use the vintage fabric I’ve been hoarding – this is from ebay and I was going to make pyjamas.  Unfortunately I hadn’t realised sewing patterns aren’t the same sizes as ready to wear and cut it out woefully small.  No, I didn’t think of checking the pattern measurements or making a muslin – I like to make lots of mistakes at once!

Anyway….  after a year or two stuffed in a bag, I’ve made a Colette Jasmine from the pieces.  My first attempt at this pattern, and I love it.  The wide neck shows a flattering amount of skin without scaring my craft fair customers, and the bias cut means it’s very comfortable.


In fact, I love it so much I made another one, from the vintage fabric I bought in Frome.

I forgot to ask what this fabric is, but I did a burn test (fun!) and I think it’s rayon from the 1940s.  After I’d checked I had enough fabric and started to cut it out, I found a facing piece still in the envelope.  ‘Cut three on fold’ – aarrgh!  The facings are a patchwork, and this is all I have left.

But from the outside, no one can tell….

5 thoughts on “Jasmine in flower

  1. What a buties! I already feel better looking at this and this raining summer is not bothering me at all. This is giving me this missing a little bit of sun shine!

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