Colette palette challenge 1 – vintage print dress

My first attempt at a dress and I’m pretty pleased with it!  The pattern is Colette Truffle, without the frill as I didn’t have enough fabric – and also the print means it’s best kept simple.  I love the neckline.

I’m planning to wear this with sandals and a tan, but thick tights and wellies for now!

I’m laughing at our neighbour, Farmer John, who was extremely interested in this strange photo taking activity.  We shall be teased, I’m sure.

The fabric is cotton, from a vintage fabric fair, and cost a mere £8.  The dress went together fairly easily, except for the ‘pull the whole dress out through the shoulder seam’ instruction.  I got spooked,  managed to tie the dress in a knot and had to unpick the seam – so embarrassed!

I had a trip to another vintage fair today, in Honiton.  It was mainly clothes, but I did find these two pieces of cotton (both about 4 yards) from one of my favourite dealers, and some glass buttons.   If you’re in the South West and would like to visit one of the Honiton or Chagford fairs, the dates are here.

3 thoughts on “Colette palette challenge 1 – vintage print dress

  1. Lovely dress! I think the frill would have been a bit much with that print, it’s perfect! The idea of pulling the dress through spooks me too, which is why I haven’t started my truffle yet. If I tie mine in a knot I shall just do what you did.

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