We zoom to Frome

Mr Doodle and I have just had a long discussion about whether you want/need to know how to pronounce Frome.  It rhymes with zoom.  Ok, done.


We went to visit The Vintage Bazaar – it was amazing!  A hall full of vintage clothes, fabric, pattern, toys.

I was feeling quite overwhelmed by it all, but after three trips round the stalls, managed to focus on the lovely fabric at Donna Flower.

I bought these

I’m going to make a Colette Jasmine from the blue with white flowers, I just have enough.  The other fabric is Saffron by Peter Hall for Heals.  I should make some sketchbook covers, but not sure if I can bear to part with it!

Another trip round the stalls to make sure we hadn’t missed anything, then to the St Catherines area of Frome, a fantastic collection of independent shops.  Click here for a website about St Catherines (very interesting, but not updated since December.  I wonder why?).  I especially liked the Millie Moon Haberdashery Boutique.  A boutique for haberdashery!  It’s a sewing school too.

Lunch at Archangel (special lunch in the restaurant as it’s my birthday week – the bar meals also looked good).  Then a visit to lovely cousins in Trowbridge, and home.

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