Colette Palette Challenge

Colette Palette Challenge

I’ve joined my first sewing challenge!  This one is from Colette patterns – which I love, and which fit me (yay!) – and the first step is to create a mood board, then use it as inspiration and motivation to sew over the next few weeks.
I love the idea of sticking to a palette of colours, and I’ve chosen navy, teal and raspberry.  Would also like to incorporate the black trim on print fabrics that I’ve been seeing a lot of in magazines recently, and overcome my fear of sewing with knits.  I’ve got some lovely vintage fabrics which I’ve come across when buying fabric for work.  As they’ve been in a drawer for a year or two, I’ll aim to use them.

Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge

3 thoughts on “Colette Palette Challenge

  1. Very pretty! I am loving teal at the moment and am using it in my palette too, only I’m heading into autumn and winter, so I’m envious of your plans for using it for pretty summer dresses!

  2. So pretty! Love the palette and am so jealous you get to use teal for pretty spring/summer dresses – I’m using it for autumn and winter for my challenge.

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